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Hi Si,

Just checking but are you sure v1.1 isn’t in your set somewhere? You’ll want only 1.2 in the set save the set and open it again.

Yes, positive, in all previous tests and the current one I only used the latest .amxd, or the created .adv file, no old file were used in a test set.

But I found another old PULL amxd/.adv in my live browser which I deleted now.

I deleted the last test set I used, made a new set with latest, previously saved .adv files, saved the set.

Little less crashs seem to happen now, but they still happen too often – like every second time when I do as posted earlier:
– putting the 1.2 .amxd/adv file in this new project makes live crash very often
– Reloading (open recent set) of the empty set with the .amxd/.adv in it makes live crash very often

Crash log sent of both crash sets 😉