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Hi Matthew,

We have been looking at various options for a MAC installer (90% of the install queries we get to support are regarding MAC OSX). Part of the problem is that this is not a packaged piece of software. It is a collection of addons to 3 pieces of software (Live, Max and Lemur) that work in harmony together to make this possible. When PULL is installed, there are files that need to be placed inside existing software. On MAC OSX it is difficult to merge folders/files because of MAC OSX’s way of file management. This is easy when you package your software fully, because you create all the applications/directories and there is no overwriting, or merging of files needed. However, when you are copying addon files, this becomes much more complex, because it is necessary to take into account files within the existing applications.

We have ensured that there are minimal changes to files during upgrades. You will generally only have to replace the amxd and template files for future upgrades, so once you have it installed you should be all good.

If you’ve ever used our support, you’ll also know that we respond very quickly (usually within the hour). We have supported many customers through the install and managed to get every one set up so far.

Hope that helps explain. Rest assured we are working on ways of making the install more simple and if we find a way to do a self-extracting install, we will include it as soon as possible.