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Hi Rick,

You shouldnt have to authorise Max For Live. I would recommend to get the latest version from the Cycling74 website Max 7. You simply install the latest Ableton, then install the latest Max (Max 7). Then in your Ableton preferences select your Max 7 location.

Max for Live is free to use in Ableton Live. You dont need to authorise it or anything to use PULL, or any other Max Device.

You only have to authorise/pay for Max 7 if you want to “edit” devices (and even then you could use Max 6 for that for free).

PULL is pretty straight forward to install. Just install Max, use the installer for PULL, then drag the AMXD into Live and set up your Lemur app over the network.

There’s a new version of PULL out today. It’s significantly optimised (Faster in nearly every way) – Read more here –