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Hi Lars,

Btw how are you loading the large template on the lemur, is this through the large template button on the amxd? If you cannot send templates to the Lemur (using the AMXD for sending (not the editor)), then I’m wondering how you loaded the large template? It uses the same system, so if one isnt working, none of them are. You’ll need to make sure you have the correct IP address for your iPad input on the amxd device to send templates to the lemur. The Lemur Editor should not be used to load any of the PULL templates.

When you press send template mode, there should be a button that says “small template” press this to load the small template. Now templates will be sent to the lemur. There should be no “external” button. If there is such a button, then it is likely you’re using an old version of PULL.amxd. You will know that you have the small template loaded because there is no blue rectangle on the lemur.

You could try right clicking on top of the AMXD device and then select “open max window” are there any errors in there?

Sending templates should work, its been tested on multiple systems. If it’s not working then it is most likely that PULL is not configured correctly over the network.

If you’re still having problems, it might be worth getting in touch on our support email support[at]xmonsta[dot]com