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Hi Julie,

Yes, you don’t need full Max to use this, only Max for Live. They are the same install though (Max 6 or Max 7).

We do have a support email if this is easier – support[at]xmonsta[dot]com

To use Max for Live you just need to install full Max 6.1 or Max 7. Then you go into Ableton preferences>folder>Max Application – and set your Max folder there. You can still use Max for Live, even though Full Max is not licensed (the max for live bit is automatically licensed in ableton)

Install PULL (using the correct installer for your Max/OS versions)

Drag PULL V2.2.amxd into your set. Fill in the IP field with your iPad IP address. Use port 8004

Go into your Lemur settings. In the “OSC 0 host” section, put your computer IP address. In the port put 8004

Click the “large template” button on the AMXD – on your Lemur some buttons on the bottom should load and a blue rectangle can be seen on screen.

Start selecting devices. The templates should flash up on screen and you should have bi-directional feedback on the Lemur.

You shouldnt need to do all this once youve installed PULL. Just save an .adv preset, or save PULL in your default set template, and all your info will be saved – you shouldnt need to reconfigure again. Then all you need to do is click “large template” to use.

There is also “send template” mode which is useful – all info about this is in the manual.