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Hi Julie,

This is unlikely to be a problem with PULL. It is a problem with general Lemur set up, over a network.

1) The ip address/port may not be set correctly in the Lemur settings
2) The ipad should be on the same network as the computer
3) There could be something blocking the communication between ipad/computer (perhaps a firewall).

It is most likely to be number 1.

Here are some example settings:




IP – (your iPad IP address)
PORT – 8004

Lemur settings:
OSC Host IP – (Computer IP address)
OSC Host PORT – 8004

Here is a test amxd device.

This allows you to test your OSC connection without PULL (taking everything back to bare minimum). If OSC doesnt work with this it definitely wont work with PULL, so best to get your Lemur connection set up first with this.

To use this device:

Put your MAC/Computer IP address in OSC Host setting of Lemur, and put port 8004

On your Lemur:
1) Go to settings > project > create new project
2) Click on the + sign and select “knob” from the dropdown
3) Click the play button that’s to the right of the + sign on your Lemur
4) Play around with the knob.

On your computer:
1) Drag the LemurOscText.amxd device into your Ableton Live Set

There is a message box on the device which says “YOUR OSC WILL BE HERE”, this will change to “Knob.x x.xxxxxx” depending on which object you are moving on the Lemur.

You can also install this ping tool for the iPad which allows you to ping from your iPad to the MAC. Click the ping tab and enter your MAC ip address. This way you can test whether your MAC is responding to the iPad. If it’s not responding then either the iPad is not on the same network as the computer, or there is something blocking the iPad from communicating with the computer (computer or router firewall).

If you’re still having trouble setting Lemur up, it’s best to contact support email, as we will need to transfer various files (screenshots, test devices etc). You’ll need to list out your versions of the following: AbletonLive (9.1.7), Max(6.1.9), OSX, IOS and Lemur