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Hi Andreas

It sounds like your IP addresses are incorrect. All the IP’s should be on the same network. e.g.

Mac/PC –
Router –
iPad/Lemur –

Its probably best to just start with a blank screen on the lemur, until you figure out how to get the lemur/max device communicating properly (ie dont try to load the one that fits the editor just yet, instead load the “Large Template” by clicking the button on the Max Device.

The port on the Lemur and Max Device should be the same 8004. Go into settings of the Lemur (in right hand corner), then you can see two IP addresses/ports in “OSC target” You can’t change the IP/Port on the left (that’s your iPad/Lemur address) , you can change the IP underneath that (to the right, in the middle of the screen) and the port to the right of it. In here you put the IP address for your MAC, or PC and the port 8004.

If it’s still not working, try right clicking on the top of the max device and select “open max window”, do you see any errors in there?

Also, which version of Max 6.1 do you have? Are you on a Mac or PC? Are you sure you merged the files properly?

You’re welcome to contact our support email if thats easier on, support[at]xmonsta[dot]com