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Sounds like you got it, but probably a few things to note. This software uses OSC, over a UDP connection (not Midi, except for the Drum Rack template).

There are two ip addresses in the Lemur, one on the left (this is your iPad address which is picked up automatically and cannot be changed), and one in the middle/bottom, this one can be changed and should be exactly the same as your MAC/PC ip address. There should also be a port next to it that can be changed. This port should be the same as on your PULL v1.0.amxd We recommend to use 8004 for this port. I don’t think you can use 8000 for this port, because the default incoming port for Lemur is 8000 and I’m not sure you can use the same port for both (but you might be able to). Just for good measure, I would recommend to have 8004 on your Lemur right hand side port and 8004 on the PULL v1.0.amxd device.