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Hi Mark,

Yes you’re right. These do not work, because Ableton do not give us access to these buttons. There aren’t many things we cannot access, but this is one of them.

However, imagine on the device that the XY and the buttons to the left and bottom didn’t exist. If you use the Lemur XY pad and buttons, you’re getting exactly the same sounds (controlling exactly the same faders) as you would managing the device.

Try this. On the lemur template click rand pitch (on the left) and feedback (on the bottom). You’ll see that on the ableton device, the faders associated with those parameters move, when you move the XY. However, the XY pad on the device may not move/or only move in one direction (this is because we don’t have access to the buttons – no visual representation). Now try to click on the corresponding buttons on the device (rand pitch left and feedback bottom), you’ll see the XY works as you expect it to.

It’s actually a pretty neat workaround, but it would be much better if Ableton gave us access to the buttons and they updated with the template I agree. Sorry, we couldn’t find a way to get proper visual feedback for this template, we will push Ableton to make these available. In the meantime when using grain delay with PULL, its probably best to focus on the template, rather than the device.

Hope that makes sense.