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You’re absolutely right Jon. Looper state buttons do work in all versions of Live 9, seems to work if there is a clip playing in an audio track too. Thanks for pointing this out.

The one thing I’ve noticed (and caught me out) is that abletons transport needs to be playing in order for looper state buttons to work. I now think this might be the bug that ableton are referring to, because when you press play on the status, abletons transport should start (but it doesn’t). Whereas if you click on the play button with a mouse, abletons transport starts up.

Also, with looper its worth mentioning that when you use the state button through max for live, it doesnt work in sync, like when you press it with your mouse (looper waits until it’s sycn is ready). We might try to find a workaround for this in the device itself, where we recognise the looper’s quantization and then make the state changes made with lemur wait until the sync is ready. Pretty hard but not impossible.