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Hi Mike,

After looking at the ADSR breakpoint for the Analog filter, it seems as if there is a slight issue with the decay. It doesn’t go as far to the right as it should do and stops you from moving any further (it is limiting up to a certain point). The one in Ableton goes further when moving in-line with the Attack. A simple workaround for the time being is to get the decay where you need it with the breakpoint and then if you need it to go further, using the decay fader (that is being controlled by the breakpoint) to move adjust it for fine control (this fader allows you to go over the limit).

We will add this to our next update though. It’s a fairly straight forward fix.

Is there any other problem you’re having with the breakpoint? The rest of it seems to work fairly well in-line with the one on Analog. I’m not sure we can get it to resemble exactly how the Analog breakpoint works, but it’s mainly there as a visual representation. It might be easier to use the ADSR to get near enough the sound you’re looking for and then use the faders (that are controlled by the ADSR) to fine tune the sound.

Just a quick tip (you might know this already), but if you touch an item on the lemur (breakpoint, fader, or anything) if you keep your finger held down, and you move it further away from the item, you can get a much wider resolution for the item youre trying to control.