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    Just wanna say Pull is awesome. The templates are first class and I am amazed that you managed to literally get everything in there.

    First one thing I noticed, nothing major, is the cutoff envelope strength for Analog is a little weird. The range is kind of screwy 😉 and the parameter amounts don’t correspond. Not A big deal but I do use this a lot.

    Second, I was wondering a little about the performance. Load times are generally okay but can tend to get very long once my sessions get large. I was wondering if you think Pull could be speed up with the help of Python scripts. Load times are pretty fast with Livecontrol and its all Python based. From what I understand Python is more direct to the Live API and going through Max may not be quite as efficient. Maybe a hybrid between the two could speed things up? I know its early in the release but just interested in trying to make a great product perfect 😉



    Hey Mike,

    Will take a look at the filter cut off to see If this can be improved.

    In the meantime let’s fix your speed issues. PULL shouldn’t slow down depending on the size Of your set. The sigabort fix appears to be not working. You could try reinstalling this and see if it helps. One thing you could check to see if the fix is working, is when your set starts to slow down, delete the pull device and reinstate a new pull device. Are things faster then?

    As for using python this is something we have looked into and may use in the future. However, there shouldn’t be much difference with max vs python, because max uses python to communicate with ableton.

    Hope it helps



    Hi Mike,

    After looking at the ADSR breakpoint for the Analog filter, it seems as if there is a slight issue with the decay. It doesn’t go as far to the right as it should do and stops you from moving any further (it is limiting up to a certain point). The one in Ableton goes further when moving in-line with the Attack. A simple workaround for the time being is to get the decay where you need it with the breakpoint and then if you need it to go further, using the decay fader (that is being controlled by the breakpoint) to move adjust it for fine control (this fader allows you to go over the limit).

    We will add this to our next update though. It’s a fairly straight forward fix.

    Is there any other problem you’re having with the breakpoint? The rest of it seems to work fairly well in-line with the one on Analog. I’m not sure we can get it to resemble exactly how the Analog breakpoint works, but it’s mainly there as a visual representation. It might be easier to use the ADSR to get near enough the sound you’re looking for and then use the faders (that are controlled by the ADSR) to fine tune the sound.

    Just a quick tip (you might know this already), but if you touch an item on the lemur (breakpoint, fader, or anything) if you keep your finger held down, and you move it further away from the item, you can get a much wider resolution for the item youre trying to control.


    Hey Mike, just a quick note to say that you can always select “load” on the device instead of “auto”. In this case the device will do absolutely nothing, until you have pushed the “pull” button on your lemur. You have various controls to slow down/speed up the loading of templates as well. Would be great to hear your feedback on these things as we strive to make sure that PULL is instantaneous as it can be.


    Hi Mike,

    I think we’ve fixed the performance issue. The good news is you dont have to reinstall again. Just overwrite 3 files, PULL vX.X.amxd, large_template.jzml and large_template-fits-editor.jzml


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