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Apologies for this Ben, you dont need the MyMxDCore file. This is a test file. I will remove it from the install

There are a few reasons why your problem could happen:

1) Incorrect files, or files missing from _MxDCore (however I think this is not your issue, because you’re only missing MyMxDCore which isnt needed)
2) IP/Port set up incorrectly on the Lemur settings (The IP/port in Lemur settings should be your MAC IP and the port on the amxd device 8004)
3) Firewall blocking the port (turn your firewall off while you get it set up – we can send you a rule for your firewall if needed). A good tool for checking whether your computer is responding to your lemur is this – which allows you to ping your computer, to check whether connections are received.

You’re always welcome to contact us at for dedicated support. We’ve been able to get it set up for everyone so far.