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Hi Mike,

The VST and Max Device templates should work just in the same way that the Ableton Native Device templates work. As long as the OSC address is correct for each parameter. If it’s sending, it should be receiving as well – but we’ll definitely check it out to make sure. You might just want to check the CamelCrusher template as an example, to see if that is getting feedback properly.

For Reaktor templates, if you have JBridge, what you could do is to create a .dll (win), or .vst (mac) with jbridge. Then (if you’re on win use .dll, and for mac, .vst) rename the jbridge file to “Reaktor_Slayer.dll” , then also rename the txt file that jbridge creates to the same “Reaktor_Slayer.txt” . So when you drag “Reaktor_Slayer.dll” into your set it will open reaktor under a different name, and trigger PULL to load the “Slayer” template. You will need to call your Slayer template “Reaktor_Slayer.jzlib” for it to load. What you can do then is to group and save your “Reaktor_Slayer.dll” as a rack, making sure to configure all the parameters you need. This way all you’ll need to do is to drag the rack into your set and it will automatically load the PULL template 🙂

We’re working on a better solution for this, but it’s likely to take some time. We will never be able to change the name of the VST files, so we might create our own VST wrapper (a bit like Jbridge), or make a menu selector come up on the Lemur when Reaktor is selected, where you get to choose from the available Reaktor templates.

Hope this helps