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Hi Thomas,

You will probably need to delete some templates in the large template if you want to include diva and monosequencer for faster loading. If Lemur memory is overloaded, you will find that some scripts dont work (like switches) and also some elements of the template (knobs, sliders) will be missing. If you want to see how large the templates are you can check the file sizes in the “LiveDevices” folder. Lemur editor also shows you whether you are reaching the memory limit (bottom right hand corner)

You might find Send mode works really well though. It’s incredibly stable and it’s only a very short time before templates load. Then you don’ta have to worry about memory and building your own large template.

The DIVA problem with loading is likely due to the template being in the VST folder, rather than the MaxDevices folder. This time we’re loading diva inside max (the xPlugin amxd), so it’s recognised as a MaxDevice template. We have to do it this way, because Ableton doesn’t allow you to see all the parameters (only 128) in Live natively, so we have to load the VST in xPlugin Max Device and then load the xPlugin in Live.

DIVA is updated to the latest version of Diva (with the Digital Oscillators etc).