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I am a step further, Diva template is loading. But … now diva.adv seems not to remember the path to the VST. I does not load if I click Open/Close VST. If I drop diva.vst (from finder) onto the .amdx file, than it works, I can close and open. But after saving as .adv it does not work anymore. I did not rename anything, and also deleted .adv I created before and tried again, but without success. I am almost there, any advice?

Actually is working till step 5), I also checked that “Show preset name” is unchecked.

5) Drag the Diva VST file onto the Diva.amxd device where it says – “Drag Diva VST here”. Now when you press the “Open/Close” button on the amxd device, the Diva VST window should open up.
6) Save the amxd as an adv preset file, by clicking the floppy disk icon in the top right hand corner of the Diva.amxd. From now on, load the Diva.amxd by dragging the adv preset file into your set, rather than the amxd.
7) Right click the top of the Diva.amxd device and select “Show preset name”, make sure this is unchecked (otherwise PULL may not be able to reference the amxd device to load the template).