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Hi Jonathan,

Sorry to hear you’re having these problems. Getting the Lemur working over a network can be a bit difficult sometimes, because of varying set ups (firewalls, antivirus, different os’s etc).

However, I’m confident that we can resolve this problem for you, because we’ve had users with this issue before, and we’ve got every one of them set up and working so far.

To get to the crux of what is happening, there is something blocking your OSC messages being sent from your Lemur to the Computer. This could either be a firewall or an incorrect set up of communication between the Lemur and PULL. This issue is related to Lemur network set up, rather than PULL set up. The Lemur is just not functioning properly over a network. Maybe, Midi works over a network, but OSC (which Lemur and PULL also uses) may not work.

It looks more likely to be a firewall, since your IP addresses seem to be correct. Do you have a firewall, or antivirus switched on? If so, is it possible to switch these off momentarily? Some of our users have actually needed to put a rule in their firewall, even though it was switched off (somehow the windows firewall still keeps blocking even when it’s turned off). I can dig out this rule if it’s needed.

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version?

If you wouldn’t mind, would it be possible to detail your network set up?

IP address of your Router (it’s definitely best to start with this rather than setting up an adhoc address)
IP address of Computer
IP address of iPad
IP address and Port inside Lemur settings
IP address and Port inside PULL amxd

We also have a email , so if it’s quicker for you there, we’re available pretty much 24/7 and we generally answer support queries within 24 hours, even at the weekend.

Hope it helps,