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    I got pull working but I noticed that I can’t change the operator filter type from pull and also the monosequencer random % number doesn’t seem to match the one on the device.

    I’m also wondering about my lag on changing devices. The controls seem to be nice and quick but when I change to another device it seems to have about a 2 second lag. Is that a setting or is it just my wifi?




    Hi John,

    It does seem there is these bugs have crept in on the latest release. For Operator this can be fixed easily (as its just a script not loading), we will have to look a bit deeper into Monosequencer random button, but definitely can be fixed. If you can contact us at we are able to provide fixed files you can use for the meantime while these fixes are getting added to the new release.

    There is an intended lag with Monosequencer, because it’s being sent to the Lemur and takes time for the template to reach its destination, whereas all the other Ableton native templates are already loaded (if you’re using “Switched” template mode). Addon templates will always be sent to the Lemur (whether using Switched or Send template mode) because we’re using most of the available memory on Lemur with the Large template in Switched mode. You can add templates to the large template, so Monosequencer loads instantly like the native device templates, this is covered in the help file. However, you may need to delete templates you don’t use regularly (because they start not to show up, due to memory being taken up). Lemur has had some memory increases lately, so this may not be a problem any more (Lemur editor outlines its template memory size int the bottom right hand corner). However, if areas of the templates you’re using start not to show, you’ve likely gone over the memory size.

    The reasons we enable the “Switched” template mode is because its a faster experience for those that use native device in ableton a lot. Its also possible to build your own large template and delete all native devices, and just put max and vst device templates in there. So a few options for those that need it.

    Send mode is a great mode if you want to keep the memory low on the Lemur (no template is loaded until you select). There isnt much difference in terms of performance (just a couple of seconds lag when you rest on a template) and it gives you the added benefit of being able to use other templates on the Lemur with PULL. In time we will likely default to “Send mode”, because it’s much better in terms of performance on the Lemur and Ableton.

    Hope it helps



    We have a fix for monosequencer as well, so fixed both of those issues. Look forward to hearing from you so we can send you the updated files in the meantime.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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