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    Hi, I bough Pull Like an hour ago, and I cant get the .amxd to send the file to lemur, I’ts like if the Ipad, won’t even notice… , I’ts quite frustating, I do not know what to do, Already checked the ports and the IPs like 20 times, and lemur work without a problem with other Templates.

    Max 6.1
    Ableton Live 9 Suite (9.2.2)
    iPad running 7.1.2 firmware


    I also forgot to ask, is there a way to implement Pull into a template I have previously done? , because i have made like a Master control of my studio with Lemur, it is possible to have for example in one page my master template, and in another PULL?

    EDIT – Sorry for the spam, didn’t saw the edit function till now.


    Hi Jose,

    It’s unlikely that Max 6 will function properly with Ableton 9.2 . Recommended to upgrade to the latest Max 7. It works very well with Ableton 9.2, and is free like Max 6.

    There is a problem on MAC OSX with the latest PULL release. If you get in touch with our support on support@xmonsta.com we can provide you with a fix until the release is uploaded.

    Yes, implementing PULL in any Lemur template is as easy as copying the PULL container and pasting it into a new page in your Lemur template. PULL would need to be used in “send mode”. You could try in “switch mode”, but you will probably need to delete some of the ableton native device templates, to free up memory (the large template in switch mode uses all the available memory on the Lemur – so there will be none left for your studio bits unless you make space for them by deleting something).


    Ok, great, I’m updating Max, and if for example I wanted to make a Mapping of FabFilter Pro Q2, how can I achieve this?, it is even possible?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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