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    I have an issue with mono sequencer and Pull. Mono sequencer template doesn’t work with large template. Is it normal? It works when I switch Pull to small template. Is there a way to work Monoseq. with large template ?


    Hi Shoutn95,

    Yes, you can run the large template with monosequencer, but will need to delete a native ableton device template in order to make room for the monosequencer (the large template uses all of the avaialable memory on the lemur). Each template inside the large template is inside a container, which is named after the corresponding device. You might want to delete the “Collision” template, because it’s quite large and not used often. So navigate to the container called “Collision” (which will be inside a numbered tab). e.g.


    Delete the whole container called “Collision” and save the large template.

    Now you should be able to load the monosequencer and any other large templates. Max Devices and VST will always use send template mode regardless of whether the “switch template” mode is selected or not, but the Ableton native devices should at least use “switch template” mode

    If this is still not enough you might need to delete another template – but that should be more than enough.

    We might make it so you can design your own templates to be inside the large template soon.

    Hope it helps.


    thank you for your answer.
    I have done what you suggest. The template seems “better” but it is still unusable. Some parts seem not to appear etc… With small template everything still ok. Also may be you recommand using monosequencer with small template at this time ??? (But I have some crash when project grows up!!!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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