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    I am on an iMac using El Capitan/ Max 7. I stopped using the Pull on V2 because I had so much trouble trying to get it to perform correctly. I am very hopeful that the V3 will work better for me.
    In the manual for the V3 the first thing it tells you in the “install” section is to remove Cycling74 and all of its associated files (“Ensure any earlier versions of PULL are removed from your computer by uninstalling Cycling74 Max and then deleting any remaining files from the Cycling74 Max program directory. Also delete any remaining files in the “Max 7” directories inside the “User” directories on OSX and Windows.”)
    I cannot find ANY of this on my iMac. I know how to see the library and other hidden folders in OSX but I cannot seem to figure out any way to remove these files and insure that i am able to use the Pull properly.


    Hi Jonathan,

    Just delete the Max app from your applications folder and reinstall max, then install PULL. 🙂




    Much easier than it seems. Thank you.
    I am struggling again however. I can only get the iPad to communicate 1 way. It only RECEIVES information from the computer and will not SEND.
    –iMac = computer to computer network (ip #1)
    –iPad = on same computer to computer network (ip #2)
    –Pull V3 = in Ablteon9/Max7 master channel (ip #2 and port 8004 *i have tried 8000 as well because that is what the iPad is always on)
    –Lemur V5.3.2. = (ip #1 and port 8004/*8000)

    The iPad doesnt get any real time data from Ableton. Only basic channel information. No data is received by Ableton at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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