Mono Sequencer for PULL

Mono Sequencer is truly the most amazing sequencer made – hands down.Now you can use it on a touchscreen – We’ve just finished our PULL touchscreen template for the fantastic MonoSequencer Max for Live Device, that comes with Ableton Live 9 (max for live essentials).

Buy Mono Seqeuncer for PULL here:

Find out more about MonoSequencer here:

Video 1

Video 5

Video 2

Video 6

Video 3

Video 7

Happy New Year & Happy Sequencing!



2 thoughts on “Mono Sequencer for PULL

  1. Lee says:

    How do I download this. When I click on the download a zip file opens on a new tab but then nothing happens ?

    • xmonsta says:

      Hi Lee, I think we got it sorted over email. However, if you’re still having problems we can also detail them here. Sometimes zip files don’t open on OSX and it’s necessary to use a different software than the one installed. There’s a few,stuffit, unarchiver, izip, kekaosx etc.

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