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  • Jonathan

    Much easier than it seems. Thank you.
    I am struggling again however. I can only get the iPad to communicate 1 way. It only RECEIVES information from the computer and will not SEND.
    –iMac = computer to computer network (ip #1)
    –iPad = on same computer to computer network (ip #2)
    –Pull V3 = in Ablteon9/Max7 master channel (ip #2 and port 8004 *i have tried 8000 as well because that is what the iPad is always on)
    –Lemur V5.3.2. = (ip #1 and port 8004/*8000)

    The iPad doesnt get any real time data from Ableton. Only basic channel information. No data is received by Ableton at all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)