FREQU8 Max for Live EQ8 Contoller for Ableton

FREQU8 Max for Live EQ8 Contoller for Ableton

FREQU8 is a Max for Live device that latches onto the EQ8 device in Ableton. It turns the EQ8 device into a sophisticated LFO, capable of creating Risset Filters, Chorus/Phaser effects and much, much more.


You can randomise all of the settings of the device, to create some really crazy sounding effects. There are lots of preloaded presets for vocal frequences (ee, aa, oo etc) and you can move these around the frequency spectrum, or morph between any two different EQ8 settings.

For each of the 8 EQ bands you can:

  • Control the direction of the LFO
  • Control the height and width of the LFO
  • Turn the EQ band on/off
  • Control the waveform of the LFO (up, down, up/down)

This is really quite a special device, because it can make highly original sounds in a very quick time frame.
FREQU8 is set to launch over the coming weeks as we carry out the remainder of testing.

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