XYFX Touchscreen Effects Processor for Ableton

FREQU8 Max for Live EQ8 Contoller for Ableton

XYFX is an revolutionary FX Processor for Ableton Live, it can be used with a Touchscreen (iPad/IOS, Tablet/Android), any midi controller, or even a mouse. XYFX makes it possible to record your XY movements in sync with Abletons transport. You can also save these recorded movements in 8 different presets. It’s even possible to customise the effects rack with your own effects.


This tool is perfect for DJ’s who want to add transtioning sounds to their DJ set, or sound designers who want to make extreme and original sounds. XYFX will launch in the next few weeks, as we finalise the last rounds of testing.

2 thoughts on “XYFX Touchscreen Effects Processor for Ableton

  1. John finch says:

    Hi there. Will I need lema to run xyfx?

    • xmonsta says:

      Hi John,

      XYFX can run with Touchosc as well – http://hexler.net/software/touchosc

      It’s much easier in Lemur to edit the template, and create extra/custom xyfx controllers (there will only be up to 8 in the released version – but you can go higher than this if you customise – and your computer RAM can handle it!!!)

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