PULL Installers for Mac/Win available


We’ve just introduced new installers for MAC and WIN 32 bit, WIN 64 bit.


  • Simply click the “Installer-PULL-MAC.app”
  • You can also install the optional Sigabort fix by clicking the “Installer-Sigabort Fix.app”
  • You can also uninstall the Sigabort fix by clicking the “Un-Installer-Sigabort Fix.app”

On WIN 32 or 64:

  • Simply click the PULL_WIN_32.exe, or PULL_WIN_64.exe files and make sure the location is correct
  • You still have to install the optional Sigabort Fix manually – instructions in the help file

If you’re using Windows and wondering which version to install, you just need to make sure that you use the same bit version as the Ableton Live bit version you’re using. e.g.

  • Ableton 64 bit – Max 64 bit – PULL 64 bit
  • Ableton 32 bit – Max 32 bit – PULL 32 bit

We’ve also left the manual install download, if that’s easier for some people.

Hope this helps



5 thoughts on “PULL Installers for Mac/Win available

  1. Mark says:

    Great update!

    Can I install this over the existing PULL set up without worries?
    Does this new installer fix existing (minor) problems due to a possible, wrong previous installation?


  2. xmonsta says:

    Yes, you should be able to upgrade by installing over the existing PULL, without any problems.

    However, if you feel there might be problems with a previous install, it might be best to reinstall live/max – this way you know everything is set up correctly.

    If you’re on MAC we have provided an install for the Sigabort fix also. However, on Windows we haven’t provided an installer for the Sigabort fix and it will need to be installed manually.

    If you want to ensure you have the correct set up, feel free to contact us on our support email and we will happily help you get set up properly.



  3. Mark says:

    All right, thanks for the quick answer!


  4. Paul says:

    Does this work with max for live or do I need the full version of max?

    • xmonsta says:

      Yes, it works with Max for Live. You don’t need the full version of Max to use it.

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