PULL updated to V2.2

We’ve just launched a new version of PULL – V2.2

This is a significant update and virtually a complete rewrite of the software. Now PULL is incredibly fast to use with Ableton. Here are some of the update highlights:

PULL – V2.2

Virtually every aspect of PULL has been optimised for speed:

  • Templates load in the background – so they don’t slow down Ableton at all
  • Faster Template loading
  • Faster Parameter loading
  • Faster Navigating – in Ableton Tracks/Devices
  • Track/Device navigation – improved
  • Faster Send Mode – sending templates to the Lemur is now significantly faster
  • External has been removed – All template sending is done inside the single AMXD now
  • Re-loading already loaded template – PULL does not reload a template if it is the same as the currently loaded template. It just refreshes the parameters, since there is no need to send the template again.
  • Timeout – A timeout has been added to template sending. If the network isnt working, the template will stop sending after 2 seconds. This stops the spinning wheel and lock ups when setting up your network, or loading PULL for the first time in your set.

Template fixes:

  • EQ8 fixed, to allow LP/HP resonance to be moved with XY
  • AutoFilter template – improvements to XY movement

Global OSC Send/Receives

This is a significant update that allows you to access all the unfiltered messages being sent in/out of PULL. For instance, you may want to use this if there are hidden parameters that you want to control over OSC, but you don’t want them to become part of live’s undo history (or allow them to be recorded). The global send and receives are set up as follows:

“s XDeviceSEND” – to send messages

“r XDevice RECEIVE” – to receive messages

Hope you like it

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