XVAnalog Filter Released – Free Download

XVAnalogueFilter, contains a selection of Virtual Analogue Filters, SVF (Zero delay feedback/Linear Trapezoid), Ladder (Moog), Diode Ladder (TB303, or EMS VCS 3) and Transistor Filters created using Gen DSP algorithms (Gen requires Live 9/Max6 in order to work).

Get XVAnalogueFilter free here:

We spend a large amount of time testing our devices, so (unlike many maxforlive devices), this device should save properly with your set and you shouldn’t experience bugs or errors. All possible dials/parameters are named properly and should be automatable through both session view and clip envelopes. If you do have any problems, feel free to contact us here, or on the forums and well’ll be happy to. We’ve had a huge amount of fun playing around with these warm sounding, squelchy filters for the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy using them as much as we do.

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