PULL – New iPad Touchscreen Device Editor for Ableton

PULL – is a touchscreen device editor for Ableton that uses the iPad. It is an extremely fast and efficient workflow tool. Use it alongside other controllers, such as Ableton PUSH, or APC40, or any controller. You can even use PULL on it’s own while you use your mouse to navigate around your Ableton Live set.

In a nutshell, PULL allows you to edit fullscreen versions of every ableton device from your iPad . It follows any device that is currently selected and displays a very large, multi-touch template on the iPad for editing.

We noticed that while there are some great controllers for Ableton, most of these lack intuitiveness when editing devices (only allowing you to edit the 8 banks of parameters at a time, using generic knobs). PULL is set to change this, providing much larger, full screen, multi-touch versions that are designed to look just like Ableton devices.

PULL has taken a full year of development to release. It has undergone months of testing and is a very robust solution for managing Ableton devices.

See a video of PULL in action here for a short demonstration –

The software uses a combination of Ableton, Max for live and the Lemur iPad app to achieve this.

You can buy PULL here:


Hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your feedback.Cheers


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