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    Hi Si,

    Just checking but are you sure v1.1 isn’t in your set somewhere? You’ll want only 1.2 in the set save the set and open it again.

    Yes, positive, in all previous tests and the current one I only used the latest .amxd, or the created .adv file, no old file were used in a test set.

    But I found another old PULL amxd/.adv in my live browser which I deleted now.

    I deleted the last test set I used, made a new set with latest, previously saved .adv files, saved the set.

    Little less crashs seem to happen now, but they still happen too often – like every second time when I do as posted earlier:
    – putting the 1.2 .amxd/adv file in this new project makes live crash very often
    – Reloading (open recent set) of the empty set with the .amxd/.adv in it makes live crash very often

    Crash log sent of both crash sets 😉



    2) PULL could crash in 9.1.4 – this is fixed.

    Test, using new 1.2 version with Live 9.1.4:
    – Live 9.1.4 with the new 1.2 .amxd/adv doesn´t crash anymore when changing to an empty project, great!
    – …but putting the 1.2 .amxd/adv file in this new project makes live crash everytime,
    – Reloading (open recent set) of the empty project with the .amxd in it makes live crash everytime

    mac osx 10.8.5
    latest M4L
    Live 9.1.4 64bit


    Thanks for the update XMonsta!

    Just in case someone is wondering how to replace the .jzml and .jzlib files, like me… 😉

    page 7 of PULL Documentation says:

    The Max Device handles all template loading onto the Lemur using a Python script, there is no need to use the Lemur editor.

    You can find all the templates inside the software folder:
    “\Cycling ’74\java\lib\lib”

    Search for requested files in the new update, search for MAX folder and “\Cycling ’74\java\lib\lib”” replace files as suggested with the new ones.
    This should do the update, I hope…am I right XMonsta support? 😉


    in reply to: PULL M4L templates #3430

    Yes, Pull is awesome!

    It´s simplicity to concentrate on less, by selecting individual devices, instead of diving through too complex and often buggy lemur setups, like LiveControl 2, makes it a joy to work with!

    Looking forward to be able to manage templates with third party max devices and vsts 🙂


    Thanks for the quick answer!

    Makes sense, you are right for the workaround and it is actually the way I am doing it anyway, so no big deal.
    I should have read your previous posts better, as you mentioned that already, sorry.

    Great support and very a useful and simple idea how to control Ableton devices!!


    Just wanted to mention that on grain delay all 12 buttons from Spray- Dry/Wet and
    Delay/Time- Feedback do not work in either direction with my setup.

    Maybe more a problem of Live 9.1.4 and not previous versions, but I can´t tell, because
    I am on the latest 9.1.4.

    osx 10.8.5
    Live 9.1.4
    latest M4L
    latest lemur stuff




    No problem really. Ableton updates seem to mess up things all the time recently,
    epecially when it comes to midi remote scripts, hard to keep up for developers.

    I´ll stick with 9.1.4 and delete the PULL amxd device before I change projects.
    Putting the configured Pull amxd back again works well after I saved it in my Ableton library,
    it recognizes devices immediately without the 30 seconds transfer, really great!

    Awesome idea, thanks!Keep up the great support!


    Thanks for the fast reply!

    Email with MxDCore zip sent.

    xmonsta: “PS. For the time being if you’re having trouble with PULL being saved in a live set, or when you’re switching projects, just delete it before. It only takes a couple of seconds to set up and you can save your settings as a .adv preset by clicking the floppy icon in the right hand corner of the device.”

    Thats exactly what I am doing and it works fine, so not such a big deal.



    edit: forgot to mention as the title says, that Live crashes when changing
    with PULL amxd on the Master.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)